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My Water Moments

My Water Moments
i remember the barren earth
burnt by the sun
arid that no residents
hot and dry anhydrous

Since I was in Alor Setar,Kedah,there is some good moments you can create is a Festival Water celebration by the people of the country near Thailand.For my opinion,the water is a human resource requirements for each,without water people will die.When i was in a bathroom to wash a clothes is the most fun.Habits are hard working for single people just like me :d
i do not buy any washing machine because i prefer to use hand washing.
as sung by a group in the 70s such...

"oranglah bujang kalau di rantau...."
help connect these themes to those who know more.....aku suka pada lirik lagu ini.. most fun with water in the the title i had written before this copy...if you all have read my previous post.

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