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Artis Vokal Malaysia

Burung-burung  berterbangan
kesana kemari
mega-mega berserakan
ke timur laut

Row of  songs used to be
Whistles once  more
Perhaps many fans waiting
Missed the voice
Zur Eda definite
Latest picture
Last  meet at Auditorium Kedahfm backstage

Beautiful heart and cheerful  soul
Portion the  songs
From  the  old  group
Alleycats the  group  name
No Loganathan  Arumugam
David  Arumugam alone
Even go anywhere


Happy to meet
the small and moderate
Otherwise intelligent
now teaching at several prominent places
nationwide over the world
66 years old is not  meaning of  old
not even young
Him as reference to the young
J.sham,whose name he is 

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