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Know Loves

  today i wanna talk about Love and  married.Sorry..bcuz of me is  a single just for right now.Now I was early in 38years old  and never married yet.Do You?if  you  are  not  a single person,i wanna to know how about  your Love  in  married..When you  are  fall  in Love and  how?Some written in down below is was I created by  spontaneous.
Love  is  complicated
Love  created
Love treated
Love cheated
Love  is a hypocrite
Love is  needed
Love  honor
Love  sincere
Love in faith
Love hope
Love  believed
Love  lives

can  you  give  me some comment about  your opinion about Love?What is  Love?How do  you  do  understand  bcuz  of  Love?Which one will  give  you  a  full of  Loves?

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