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Religion in Malaysia

Today I have been seen a culture in Malaysia.Firstly is their Muslim.Its seen people Muslim
going praying at the mosque in time.They will arrived at 5 time in per days.Firstly in the dawn 'Subuh' they will wake up early for praying just for their god Allah and then in afternoon 'Zuhur' before praying the must take a bath and 'wudhu' name of washing body.After paying at the afternoon,once more in pm they call 'Asar' then at dusk 'Maghrib' the last one is 'Isyak' at night.Totally the Muslim is hygiene practices because they will washing their body is in five times in per days.
The Indians look at them to go to their temple at dusk,for the Chinese people when they look their temple in the morning and evening.I also have seen those Christians go to church on Sunday and those muslim go to mosque on Friday.
Any the celebrations is once in per year,but not for the Muslim they got two celebrations.First is for Hari Raya Puasa means they will Fasting in one month before Hari Raya Puasa.Then is Hari Raya Haji for celebrating pilgrimage to Makkah,Mecca or called Eid Qurban.Only so far as I know about religion in Malaysia,for the next time i will try to see the relegion in the world.

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